Israel Redux: Twice in One Year?

Well, many of you have asked me to blog my trip again. Wish granted. Here I go…

Disclaimer: most of the time I will be writing on the bus or likely while sleep deprived, so please be patient with me and any mistakes I may make going forward. And the autocorrect on this iPad has a life of it’s own. So if you notice any crazy errors please let me know in the comments. And if they are funny, I’ll keep them :-)

So this time I’m going to Israel with the national women’s Federation group, JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America), the umbrella organization for all the local Federations across the country. My friend Lori Levin and I are the co chairs of the Philadelphia group, and we have the largest contingent going, thirty four Philly girls. I know this is only because all these women just want to hang out with LoriLaurie. Because we are so much fun. Yup, that’s probably it.

Then again, it may be because of Philly’s own Gail Norry, who it the President of JFNA’s Women’s Philanthropy. We have turned out in force to make our fearless leader proud!

Federation calls these trips “missions” and I’m not sure why. I guess they are on a mission to get us all to love and support Israel. Which isn’t hard to do. It’s all in the making time to get there. And once you go you will always understand why it’s special and long to go back and see more. Hence the reason I’m returning so soon.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Israel through the first timers eyes in our group, and sharing all that Israel has to offer with them. In particular my good friend Donna, who has never been and will totally be in her element as soon as we arrive. It’s really cool to share this experience with someone you love. :-) Not to mention all the super amazing women from Philly, and the additional 120 or so from across the country. It’s going to be great to meet all these like minded women from all over. Building relationships is what life is all about.

And seeing Toby. :-)

So we begin our journey this evening with a nice long plane ride to Tel Aviv. Hopefully we will have a chance to change before the opening dinner. 154 women at dinner together. Hmm. That’s a lot of estrogen in one room. I’m not used to that, we are a little testosterone heavy at my house. So I’ll let you know how it goes.

Between you and me, I think it’s going to go very, very well.

Goodnight! We’ll talk in 24 hours or so….

3 Responses to Israel Redux: Twice in One Year?

  1. Betsy says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to your impressions!

  2. Kelly says:

    Miss you already. Have an amazing time Laurie. I can’t wait to read your blog. Tell Donna I wish her a wonderful trip as well. Luv ya.

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